It is amazing what a pair of sticks can do to your life.- Andy Cantú

Hey guys!
Excited for this year!
I will be touring with the Andrew Alden Ensemble on the East Coast and we are right now in Manchester, Vermont rehearsing for the tour. Check his website for more information
Also, I just finished my studies at Berklee College of Music and around summer I plan to move to Las Vegas and hope to be doing a lot of gigs over there!
Also, I wanted to thank Cloud Ludum (Anastasiya Dumma and Olga Karaseva) and their band mates (Alexander Trampas, Ben Konen, Saki Kurata, Ishaan Chhabra, and Jordan Maley) for the opportunity of having me on their band. Amazing group and people and amazing composition and arrangement of third stream/avant garde/free jazz. Their website

Andy Cantu

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