It is amazing what a pair of sticks can do to your life.- Andy Cantú
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    "Andy Cantu's musicianship brings forth inspiring possibilities for my music" - Andrew Alden

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    "Andy Cantu has played many gigs with me, without a single rehearsal. Always knows the tunes, and is ready to go. He has a serious sense of feel, groove, and time (which though it shouldn't be, for some drummers, those are exclusive concepts), dogged dedication to the pocket, and mastery of tasteful dynamics. With him behind the wheel of your music, you can just cruise whatever road you're taking without a care" - Carl Catron

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    "Andy Cantu is the consummate drummer - knowledgeable, dedicated, tasteful. His playing brings a higher level of sophistication to every project that he takes part in. It is a pleasure and a privilege for me to have him as a friend and as a fellow musician." - Joõa Martins

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